rachel plonsky ceo
Hi, my name is Rachel Plonsky. My journey goes way back to when I was just 11 years old. My mom hired a personal trainer to lose weight and get in shape for my aunt’s wedding. I didn’t know it then, but this was a turning point for me. I watched her lose weight, get stronger and get a boost in confidence. I wanted to know everything she was doing. I was intrigued. This began my interest in health and nutrition. I started by watching her aerobics VHS tapes and performing things like “The Grapevine”. I also became obsessed with eating healthy. I continued exercising and eating healthy all throughout school.

Fast forward to 2004. I met my husband, Tony. It was love at first sight – well, pretty close anyway. We’ve been together ever since the first day we met. I was about to graduate from nursing school and life was good. We were your typical new couple, always going out to eat and partying. After all, we were in our early 20’s. He proposed, and we got married. I knew I had been gaining weight during the few years leading up to our wedding, but I was devastated to see our wedding photos. I hated them! And I hated that I hated them! I looked bloated, unhappy, and unhealthy. I couldn’t believe I let myself get to that point. I decided right then that I was going to change. I was going to do the complete opposite of what most couples do after they are married. I was going to lose weight and get in the best shape of my life.

I began my journey in September of 2009. At this time, Jillian Michaels was becoming a huge success. I bought her first book and did the program. I lost 25 pounds in 3 months. I felt amazing and unstoppable. This was also during my first year working as a nurse. I was an intensive care nurse working at the UW Hospital in Madison. Transforming myself made me realize you do have some control over your health. Every day I went to work I was “pushing” pills down my patients’ throats. I mean, there was a pill for everything! I quickly learned this wasn’t my calling at all. I needed to help people before they got to this point. I needed to work on the prevention side. After all, it was my passion and what I knew a lot about.

And so it began. I did in-home training, at night and on the weekends, as I worked as a nurse during the day. It was so amazing watching my clients get stronger and lose weight. Yet I wanted more. I wanted to be able to help more people. So, I offered free boot camp sessions in the park. Every Saturday, we brought a bunch of boot camp equipment, including a huge tractor tire, down to the park. I remember how nervous I was doing my very first boot camp in the park. Fortunately, it ended up being a huge success! We had a good turn out each weekend. As winter quickly approached, I knew I needed to find a warm location to continue offering boot camp sessions.

So on October 6, 2014, I opened Aspire Boot Camp, offering 2 morning and 2 evening sessions. I would lead the morning sessions, go work at the clinic for 8 hours, then lead the 2 evening sessions. It was amazing! But, it also took a lot of work. I quickly learned I had a decision to make. If I was going to grow this business, I needed to quit my day job.

December 15, 2014, was my last day working as a nurse. Since then, I have helped hundreds of people lose weight through my program at Aspire Boot Camp in Beaver Dam, WI. 

April 10, 2017 I opened Sun Prairie Fit Body Boot Camp to continue on my mission to help Wisconsin communities lose weight and get healthy! 

I continually strive to push my body to new limits, always setting new goals for myself. Your body is capable of so much more than you realize! My regimen these days is always changing. I love variety in my workouts. I constantly set new goals for myself and am now able to do 10 consecutive strict pull-ups! Strength is empowering! I cannot wait to see what other obstacles I can conquer.

If you are reading this and need to lose weight — maybe you’ve tried everything and have been unsuccessful — I know how you feel because I’ve been there. But I can tell you that I have found a solution and have developed a program that actually works! Not only will you finally lose weight, but you will keep it off for good.

I hope you will give me a chance to prove this to you. Join my program at Aspire Boot Camp and I will help you every step of the way! It’s what I do. It’s why I’ve been put on this Earth. It’s my calling. I truly care about you and want to see you succeed. 

Thank you for reading, and I hope to meet you one day.