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Certified Personal Trainer 

We’re hiring personal trainers!

Do you want to start a successful fitness career?

If so here’s what you need to know.

The best trainers are fanatical self-studies and always learning new things. They are either outgoing and highly energetic, or passionately humble and convey a strong sense of empathy. Either way they are adept at connecting one-on-one and in groups making people feel comfortable enough to trust them and to turn to them for support.

The best trainers will work split shifts without concern and love being “in the gym.” They will take pride in enriching someone elses life and be genuinely committed to doing everything they can to help. (aka emails, facebook and text messages sometimes on a daily basis. Thinking outside the box and using creativity to encourage a smile and empower their clients to believe “I can.”)

The best trainers realize the real job is outside of the training session, it’s in the planning, learning, encouraging, following up that inspires their clients to modify their behaviors in the other 23 hours a day!

You will spend most of your time: Training people, communicating with them, helping them believe in themselves, encouraging them, planning programs, continuing to research and learn about health, fitness and how the body works.

What’s it look like long term? You live a long, healthy, happy life, surrounded by people who genuinely believe in you and may even have someone say, “you saved my life.”

In the short term what you can expect? A fun work environment, a great team, getting to come to work in comfortable clothing every single day, ample pay and an ongoing education.

What skills do you need today?

 - A training certification
- Current CPR or within 30 days of being offered a position.
- Enough training and nutritional knowledge to feel confident that you could make suggestions to your best friend, mom, dad, or grandma about working out safely and changes to their nutrition that would either improve health or lead to weight loss or both.
- To be feeling excited or curious right now after reading all of this.

Desired Skills and Experience

If you’re still reading this enthusiastically then you probably have the skills we need. Realistically we can give you any education you need. This position does require some personal training experience, preferably at least 1 year.

How-to apply:

​If this sounds a good fit for you, please email info@beaverdambootcamp.com with your resume and a cover letter that includes information about you and your fitness experience & why you would be an awesome addition to our team! PLEASE ALSO INCLUDE YOUR AVAILABILITY!

(Applications received without a cover letter and availability will not receive a reply)

Please view our website and Facebook page, www.facebook.com/beaverdambootcamp for more information about us!


Sales Manager

We’re looking for a manager to add to our team!

Do you want to start a successful fulfilling career?

If so here’s what you need to know.

We're a privately-owned, Group Personal Training company seeking a dynamic, highly motivated and experienced Manager with sales experience. The Candidate must be extremely organized, detail orientated and be able to follow directions. We are looking for someone who can think creatively and can take an active role in improving and building our Client Management System but also has experience in sales. This is a growth position for the Manager makes a base, plus commission on sales and retention of members.

The Candidate must be able to work both alone with little to no supervision and in a busy environment working on projects with the CEO. This position requires a self-starter and a positive team player who has the ability to think creatively. The goal for this position is to help the CEO grow this location.

This position is anything but boring as the tasks change regularly. Our team likes to have fun and create a positive environment, however, this position commands a serious attitude in all aspects of the job and multiple tasks. Numerous tasks are time sensitive. The Candidate must be organized enough to maintain progress on long-term projects while working with the urgent tasks that come up, not overlooking the regular duties that are daily assigned. The hours can vary from early mornings to evenings so the Manager can be there when the boot camps are in session to connect with the Members.

This position is immediately available. We are looking for a long-term business relationship and for someone that can grow with the company. As well as someone who truly helps improve the business from creative thinking, problem solving, improvement of systems, generating new business and maintaining current business. There is great potential for more income, as the membership base grows.

Seeking a Manager who:

- Is energetic, a go-getter and self-motivated
- Cares about helping other people get healthier and has an interest in the health and fitness field
- Enjoys interacting with people and will be very comfortable talking to new members and encouraging them to bring in their friends as well as posting on Facebook
- Is reliable, trustworthy and a dependable person who can be trusted when you say you will get something done
- Is VERY organized and pays attention to detail
- Takes pride in being quick and efficient at what you do
- Thrives in a high energy environment with some last minute projects

Qualified individuals must have:

- Associate's Degree or High school diploma and 2 additional years Experience
- 3 years Management experience
- 2 years Customer Service
- Fitness certification preferred or obtained within 30 days of being offered a position
- Computer proficiency in Word, Excel and other Office software
- Ability to type accurately
- Experience with Social Media a plus
- Experience with Sales
- Marketing experience a plus
- Is a healthy weight and body fat percentage exemplifying the objectives and values of the profession and the organization and agrees to maintain this during employment.

All of these qualifications are required for this position so please do not apply if you don’t meet these qualifications.

The Candidate must represent Aspire Boot Camp in a professional and courteous manner both over the phone and in person . The Candidate must pass a criminal background check and credit check.

We are willing to work with you on some of these things but you must be a positive person who likes working with people and can problem solve. You must have 3 year's experience as a Manager and must have experience in sales.

Only people with Management experience will be interviewed. Please do NOT call for an interview, applications will only be accepted by cover letter and resume submission to info@beaverdambootcamp.com.

Please view this website and our Facebook page - www.facebook.com/beaverdambootcamp for more information about us!