~Certified Personal Trainer by NESTA

​~Certified Turbulence Trainer 

~TRX Suspension Trainer by Fitness Anywhere


~Bachelor's of Science in Nursing from University of Phoenix

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Coach  Rachel


Hi Aspire Boot Camp Family! My name is Rachel Rottman, I am 30ish years old from Marquette, WI (a very small village). I grew up in Fond du Lac originally and played many sports including soccer, volleyball and softball. Soccer was a family sport for our family. My two brothers played, my father coached and my mom always made sure we had water and oranges!

I have been a phlebotomist for 9 years now and recently got into traveling for a living doing Health Risk Assessments for corporations throughout the US! This has taken me to places I would have never thought of visiting. Through delivering the results of the Health Risk Assessments, I made the hard discovery that the unhealthy eating out and not exercising lifestyle wasn't going to keep me healthy and fit for the future. This needed to change!

That change brought me to Aspire! I couldn't be happier with my choice to be more healthy and as a result I'm down 63 lbs. I am looking forward to helping other pursue their goals!

Rachel Rottman


​~Certified Personal Trainer by NESTA

-Certified Medical Assistant by Moraine Park Technical College

Christine, Administrative Assistant

​Hey Everyone!  My name is Christine Brooke.  I am the full time Administrative Assistant for Aspire Boot Camp. I am married to my husband Joseph. In my free time I like to geocache and spend time with family and friends. I am very excited to start my career with Aspire Boot Camp. I look forward to working out with you. I have a long way to go with my weight loss & nutrition, but every day is progress!

I look forward to getting to meet everyone at Aspire Boot Camp!

Christine Brooke


​-Certified Personal Trainer through NESTA


​-Certified Personal Trainer by NESTA

-Certified Dental Assistant from the National Dental Academy

Miloh, Boot Camp Security

Aspire Boot Camp is a group personal training program designed to get you in the best shape of your life! Our research-proven techniques will give you a total body workout plus cardio in just 40 minutes! Burning the fat and sculpting nice, lean, toned muscles. 

Our mission is to help Dodge County, and the surrounding area, lose 10,000 Pounds by 2020. We feel we have a responsibility to the clients in our community and to contribute locally whenever possible. That's what being a good neighbor is all about.

​So when you step foot in our gym you can expect a clean, fun, friendly, high-energy workout environment that's not only a place to get fit and healthy but a place to make friends with others in your community.

About Aspire Boot Camp


​~Certified Personal Trainer by the National Federation of Personal Trainers

Coach Leann

Hi, I'm Leann and I'm a certified personal trainer through the National Federation of Personal Trainers (NFPT). My education and background is in the early childhood education field, but I've always had a passion for fitness and nutrition. Back in my glory days I played on basketball and tennis teams and after college I took up running. I also enjoy racquetball, hiking and water sports.

My husband and I live right in Beaver Dam with our two children and English bulldog. After having my two kids and recently moving to Wisconsin, I had a renewed desire to get back into shape both for myself and to set the example for my own family of a healthy lifestyle, which includes clean eating and active living. I got back into a running routine this past January (2015) and decided to give Aspire Boot Camp a try for myself in May for some cross training. I absolutely loved the program not only for the challenging workouts but also for the positive environment, supportive trainer and fun people!

I am very excited to be given this opportunity to branch out into a field that I love and share my passion with you. I look forward to motivating you and providing the support you need to reach and maintain your goals!

Your Ambitious Trainer,

Leann Anderson


~Certified Personal Trainer by ISSA

Coach Joy

Hey! I'm Joy and I'm a certified personal trainer here at Aspire Boot Camp. My passion for fitness began my freshman year of high school. I graduated from an online school and, as you can imagine, fitness classes work a bit differently online. The accountability to work out was all on us; the teachers basically took our word for it that we were actually exercising. It took a lot of discipline and motivation when no one was pushing me. I struggled a lot through high school with body image and weight, but I found exercise challenging, and changing my body was a release for me. I fell in love with fitness and am so excited to share my passion and motivation with you! I want to be the person who is going to push and encourage you to be better than you were yesterday.

A little bit about me, I am from Howards Grove (near Sheboygan) and a proud Chicago Bears fan living in Wisconsin! I am the fifth out of ten kids; my younger siblings were my first clients, doing 1,000 squat challenges and having HIIT dance parties in the living room :) Kickboxing and Pilates are two of my favorite forms of exercise and I love making my body more flexible.

I am so very ready and thrilled for the chance to workout with you, challenge you and help you reach your goals!

Joy Fears


~Certified Personal Trainer by NESTA


~Bachelor's Degree in Agriculture and Life Sciences from UW Madison

Coach Katie

Hi, I’m Katie and a certified personal trainer at Aspire Boot Camp. I became the Marketing Manager at ANIMART- Dairy and Livestock Solutions, after receiving my Life Sciences Communications degree from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. My passion for fitness stemmed from my own weight loss transformation, my past boot camp experiences, as well as my passion for motivating others.

I’m excited for this opportunity to inspire people and make an impact in their lives. I know first-hand that exercise and boot camps work. Before I moved to Beaver Dam, I was a member in Storm Fitness’ boot camp in Sun Prairie from 2010-2013 and my personal trainer inspired me to pick up the sport of running. Since 2012, I have ran three 8K’s, one 10K, a quarter marathon, an 8 mile race, a half marathon and even a FULL marathon.

I became a personal trainer because exercise has changed my life, physically and mentally! A little bit of background on me – in high school I was involved in sports (basketball, volleyball and cross country), but in college I gained the “freshman fifteen” X 5 – yes, I gained close to 80 lbs! With the assistance of my personal trainer, my “boot camp family” and running, I’ve lost 65lbs, but my goal is to lose 10lbs more. I’m passionate about fitness and genuinely interested in helping others achieve their personal fitness goals too!

I have a story that proves exercise works and I’m here because I want to help you create your success story!

Your enthusiastic trainer,

Katie Holewinski


~Certified Personal Trainer by NESTA


~Licensed Massage Therapist from Madison College

Tony Plonsky, Co-Owner

Hi, I'm Tony and I'm a Certified Personal Trainer and Licensed Massage Therapist. I'm co-owner of Aspire Boot Camp with my wife, Rachel. We also own Aspire Bodywork, a massage studio in Beaver Dam. 

Please let me know what I can do to help with your fitness or massage therapy needs. 

Your bodywork specialist,

Tony Plonsky

Coach Chris

​Hi, my name is Chris and I am a Certified Personal Trainer and I also work as a Certified Medical Assistant.  My husband and I live in Beaver Dam and between the two of us we have 7 children and a dog.

I have had a passion for nutrition and fitness since the birth of my second child who is now 21.  So 21 years ago I was 30 pounds heavier than I am now, I decided at that time I was going to lose the weight.  So for the past 21 years I have constantly bought every new diet plan and did some sort of cardio exercise daily, which seemed to work until I turned 44.   Then in January of 2015 I decided to give Aspire a try, I instantly got hooked and could not believe the results that I have accomplished.  

It is because of Aspire that I decided to become a personal trainer; I hope to give all of you what I have received from all of the other personal trainers.  I am excited to get to know and help all of you.

Woo Hoo,

Chris Puleo

Coach Kiersten

I am Kiersten Park and a certified personal trainer at Aspire Boot Camp.  I live in Marshall and am a full time Dental Assistant in the Madison area. My other full time job is being a mother to my very active 8 year old son, who plays lots of baseball and races bandolero cars (which are small cars, he used to race go-karts and this is the next step up).  

When I was younger, I stayed active in school sports and as I am getting older I find that the active lifestyle I used to have has slowed down along with my metabolism.  I always found myself tired and had zero energy to stay active.  I knew I needed to make a change  for myself and my son!   My mother is a member of ABC and told me how much she loved it, so I decided to check it out and start making changes.  What I like most about my experience at ABC are the coaches and how they treat you as soon as you walk in the door until you walk out.  They push you and encourage you to keep moving forward and to work towards your goal.  After attending classes at ABC and feeling healthier, I knew that I wanted to become a coach and help others with health and fitness too.  

I am beyond excited to help motivate others in their health and fitness journeys!

Kiersten Park


​~Administrative Professional Associate of Applied Science Degree from MPTC (currently enrolled)

-Office Assistant Technical Diploma 


​-Certified Nursing Assistant from MPTC

                                                          805 PARK AVE SUITE B             BEAVER DAM, WI 53916               (920) 345-7444

Rachel Plonsky, CEO/Body Transformation Expert

Hi, I'm Rachel and I'm the Wellness Coach and CEO of Aspire Boot Camp. I'm a Registered Nurse, Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Turbulence Trainer. My transition into fitness stemmed from my experiences as a nurse, my own weight loss transformation, as well as my passion for the fitness industry.

Losing weight was a journey that not only changed me physically but mentally as well. My passion for health and fitness is now stronger than ever. I became a personal trainer so I could pay it forward and help others lose weight and regain control over their life. My workouts are designed for busy people to get the most effective workout in the least amount of time. You will lose fat and gain metabolism-increasing muscle. I will also assist you in making the right food choices that are congruent with fat loss. Helping you replace old habits with new ones. 

With the proper exercise and nutrition program, you will lose the excess fat and gain a whole new life in the process. A life filled with more energy, stamina, ability to concentrate and overall happiness. 

Feel free to give me a call, send an email, or facebook message. I would love to hear your story and see what I can do to help. Together we will make your goals a reality and help you aspire to be a better you.

Your body transformation expert,

Rachel Plonsky